Registration deadline extended until May 12.

The keyword will be sent the same day of registration

The videos must be sent before May 12 at 11:59 p.m.

All musicians of any nationality and instrument, up to 24 years old, can participate.
The repertoire is free.

Gran Prix €1,000

Recital with a cache of €500.


  • All musicians of any nationality up to 24 years old can participate. Divided into two categories: A: 0-16 years old. B: 17-24 years old.
  • Performers who have already played with the Real Filharmonía de Galicia in previous editions of the Festival will not be able to participate in the contest.
  • The registration period will be from the publication of these bases until May 1.
  • On May 2, each contestant will be sent a KEYWORD, which they must say in the video and they will have until May 6 at 4:00 p.m. to do it, upload it to any of the platforms (youtube, google drive, etc) and send the link to the organization. In the case of not doing it within the established term, the right of selection and registration will be lost.
  • Registration in the contest entails full acceptance of the rules and consent to the processing of data, images and videos. The organization reserves the right to publish these materials on its official channels.
  • The Jury’s decisions are unappealable.
  • The cost of registration is 85 euros. Except for duly justified force majeure, the registration fee will not be refunded.
  • The candidate, in case of passing to the face-to-face round, agrees to attend the Festival events in which it is scheduled. In case of not accepting all the commitments he can be disqualified.
  • The accompanying pianist in the face-to-face phase is the responsibility of the organization. In case the contestant wants to perform with his pianist, he is at the contestant’s expense.
  • The documentation must be sent through the registration form found: here
  • Travel, maintenance and accommodation expenses are borne by the contestant
  • In the event that the face-to-face phase is suspended due to force majeure, the festival organization undertakes to convene it on other dates or return the registration fee to the winners.



It will consist of two programs:

  • Free repertoire: (between 10 and 30 minutes): it will consist of at least one work for solo instrument (without an accompanying pianist in the case of instrumentalists and vocalists).
  • Work for solo instrument and orchestra: It will consist of a work for solo instrument and orchestra (ask the organization for the work or consult the orchestra’s template). Both a movement and the entire concerto can be presented. (the video may be recorded with accompanying piano)

*The orchestra template is as follows (, in case the work requires reinforcements in the template, check with the organization.


The same repertoire will be performed as in the online phase, framing the concerts within the Musical Pilgrims Festival, including one as a soloist with the Royal Philharmonic of Galicia Orchestra.

*The organization will accept slight variations in the programs presented


  • There should be TWO videos. One with the solo instrument repertoire and the other with the work for soloist and orchestra.
  • You cannot have cuts or edits.
  • The camera must be stationary.
  • The contestant must be dressed appropriately.
  • The contestant must clearly say the keyword sent by the organization before the performance.
  • The description of the video on YouTube must include: name of the participant, category to which it is presented and age, name of the contest, works, author, opus and minutes of each work.
  • The full body of the participant must be seen at all times.
  • At the beginning of the video, at the moment of saying the keyword, the candidate must lower the mask, if wearing one.
  • The accompanying pianist for the video of the contest is the responsibility of the participant, being mandatory in case the work requires it.


Registration form: here


  • Once the documentation has been received and reviewed, an email will be sent confirming the registration for the contest.
  • On May 2, the organization will contact the participants to provide them with the keyword that they must use in the video recording.
  • The contestant must upload the videos to youtube and once uploaded, they must send the two links to the organization in a single email, before May 6 at 4:00 p.m. to


The jury will be made up of musicians and people related to the musical world of recognized international prestige.


The results will be published on the official Contest channels before May 14.


The face-to-face phase consists of participation in the festival.


Grand Prix sponsored by the Xunta de Galicia: 1,000 euros.

A recital within the programming of the events of Musical Pilgrims with a cache of €500.

The Association reserves the right not to award the recital prize.

The winner of the Grand Prix will be chosen by the public attending the concerts.

In the event that there is an error in the bases of other languages, the bases in Spanish will be taken as a reference.

The award ceremony will take place on July 14 after the performance with the Royal Philharmonic.