This association proposes, as a non-profit, the achievement of the following goals:
  1. To carry out various musical projects with the ultimate aim of incorporating different musical cultures into Spanish musical culture.
  2. Promote and support new musical talents who reside and are trained in Galicia and who are about to start their own musical career.
  3. Unite young soloists from Spain and other European countries who represent the highest level of professional excellence which will be evaluated by an independent musical commission.
  4. Establish a strong link between the cultures of the participating countries with the aim of strengthening the creative interaction of participating musicians in their training, and serve the promotion of classical music.
  5. Create events in different participation environments that serve to foster inspiration, new creative discoveries, and unforgettable experiences.
  6. Promote collaboration between various associations with similar objectives.
  7. Make an important contribution to international education and the development of cultural relations through classical music.
  8. Creation of special prizes where like-minded associations are invited to participate in an exchange with Musical Pilgrims to broaden the reach of their own contests in other festivals whose purposes are similar to Musical Pilgrims, or which are interested in the international promotion of classical music.
  9. Promotion of intensive courses in ear-training/auditory education, chamber music, orchestra and dramatic art, which will have a special focus on technique and its application, the effective study of music and its various interpretive aspects.
  10. Schedule cultural trips around classical music for the cultural and educational enrichment of the participants in the programs and events promoted by Musical Pilgrims.
  11. Publicize the Camino de Santiago from classical music.
  12. The maintenance and informative support of the activities of Musical Pilgrims through the web: www.peregrinosmusicales.com/en