The Musical Pilgrims International Festival 2022 will take place in Santiago de Compostela and its surroundings the second fortnight of next July.

The aim of the Festival is to promote young artists from all over the world.

To this end, it carries out activities and exchanges with important organizations and festivals around the world.

In addition, it carries out activities and concerts for the promotion of Galician artists and musicians based in Galicia.

The Festival has an exceptional artistic level and runs through the best stages of Santiago de Compostela, culminating in a solemn closing concert at the Galicia Auditorium.

The Festival, with more than a decade of history, invites participants from Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Armenia, the United States, Germany, Georgia, Belarus, Canada, France or anywhere in Europe and the world to represent the highest professional level. and of excellence in classical music at his age.

In addition, it has the performance of internationally renowned musicians, establishing a close collaboration between different generations.