The Musical Pilgrims Association is a non-profit association that was created in 2011 by the pianist Ilona Timchenko.

Among their projects are:

Musical Pilgrims Festival: With the aim of promoting new artists, the International Musical Pilgrims Festival is born, within its framework international exchanges are carried out with musicians of important international projection. In addition, it carries out activities for the promotion of Galician artists and musicians based in Galicia.

O Teu Xacobeo: Throughout the 19-21 season, we organized 38 concerts on the Xacobeas routes in Galicia, with internationally renowned ensembles (ProMúsica, Dúo DeLis, Quinta Corda, Trio Metamorfosis, Rubens Consort, Matangi Quartet, Rastrelli Quartet, among others).

Piano art: It is a cycle of piano concerts and marathons that take place on Galician stages to promote young pianists from all over Galicia. The most outstanding venues are: the Auditorium of the University of History and Geography of Santiago de Compostela, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Santiago or the Municipal Auditorium of Valga.

Christmas concerts: An already essential annual event, with a high-quality classical musical offer with a Christmas repertoire. They have been held in outstanding venues such as the USC Paraninfo, the Chapel of the Catholic Monarchs and the Teatro Principal.

Master classes: Music A-MI-La-Do at the School of Higher Musical Studies in Santiago, as well as in the latest editions of the Festival Peregrinos Musicales, in other venues. World-class teachers, such as Ara Malikian, Luis Fernando Pérez, José M. Álvarez Losada, Ilona Sie Dhian Ho, Amparo Lacruz, Sergey Arutyunyan, etc.)

International Competition: Since its creation, more than 100 young Galician artists or those living in Galicia have participated. Starting in 2021, the contest became International and musicians from 14 different countries participated.