Jorge Denís Sanromán, percussion

Jorge Denis Sanromán percucción Galicia

He began his musical studies at the school of the Music Grouping of Belesar when he was 6.


Two years later, he gains access to the Professional Conservatory of Music in Vigo with Professor David Rodríguez García and then the Vigo Conservatory with Professor Jorge Pérez Mestre.
During these years of training, he has found a balance between his studies and the attendance to several workshops with teachers like Nick Woud, Lucía Carro, Conrado Moya, Javier Eguillor, etc.


In addition, he has taken part in otchestras such as the Symphonic Youth Orchestra of Galicia, the Classic Orchestra of Vigo, the Orchestra Vigo 430, the Youth Choir and Orchestra Santa María la Blanca, among others.


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