Artur Krischyan, violín

Artur Krischyan violín Rúsia. Fundación de V. Spivakov

Artur Krischyan was born in Moscow in 2004.


Student of the Music School of the Academic Music College – the department of the Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory (prof. Tatiana Balashova).


Artur is laureate of international and national competitions, such as “The Art of the XXI century” (I prize) in Ukraine; international festival in Yerevan (I prize) to mention a few.


Artur participated in the concert tours in France, in USA and in Lebanon. Artur performed with the State Chamber and Symphony Orchestras.


Being a scholarship holder of the V. Spivakov International Charitable Foundation, Arthur takes an active part in charity concerts and festivals, such as “Kids to Kids”, “Moscow greets friends” and others.


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